ERROR on Build in cmd New Project. 1.15 / 1.16

Hey. In versions 1.15 / 1.16 I encountered such a problem that when converting a new project on the command line, an error popped up (an example was stuck). I solved this problem with the following actions.

  1. Set all required options in the “Setup Assistant”.
  2. Create your new project in “Project Configurator” and press the “default” button
  3. I have Windows 10, so I used a search engine to find the command line. From the list of command lines, I selected to run administrator “Developer Command Prompt for VS2015” (see what version of VS you have).
  4. Well, the next steps in default. To exit the folder in the console “Sys32” enter “cd …” and press enter. Repeat the command until you get to the root of the disk. Dale indicate the link to the drive where you have Lumberyard. I have this E drive, so I enter “E:” and press enter. Next, copy the path from the “dev” folder to Lumberyard and paste it into this one with the replacement “cd” E: \ Lumberyard \ dev “. Press enter. Next enter” dir “and enter again. Then enter” lmbr_waf.bat configure ". compile insert the last line “lmbr_waf.bat build_win_x64_vs2015_profile -p all” (where vs2015 change if you have 2017) and press enter. Wait until the end of the compilation and run Lumberyard. It all took me two hour.

cd “E:\Lumberyard\dev”
lmbr_waf.bat configure
lmbr_waf.bat build_win_x64_vs2015_profile -p all