Error on Installing Lumberyard, not installed but says that it is installed

I tried installing Lumberyard yesterday and the installation seemed to hang. After quite some time I killed the installation. Right now I cannot install or uninstall the game, see below.

I went back to install it again and received an error.


I looked through Apps and Features, Windows 10 Pro, and there it is not installed, or at least registered. I did reboot a couple of times for good measure.

I located the cached files and deleted them.

Log File , username replaced with \zxzxzxzxzxzxzxz\


I am not certain what else to attempt at this point.

I am not sure, but perhaps you check the registry at

Is the “installed” set to 1?

What about installing under another user? Or perhaps the LumberyardInstaller.exe has some command line options for removal… :thinking: