Error on Lumberyard 1.25

Hello everyone!
I have several problems with the installation of Lumberyard 1.25. In several versions of windows and in different equipment and the same problem was repeated. Has anyone experienced these problems? Thank you all!

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Hi @julianocristian,

It appears as though the Asset Processor is unable to launch due to a Gem that has not been compiled (looks like it’s the Image Processing Gem). Would you mind answering a few questions about your setup that might help me understand more about the issue?

Have you changed projects or enabled new gems using the Project Configurator? If so, have you rebuilt the selected/modified project?

It appears as though you are launching the Visual Studio 2019 version of the Lumberyard Editor and Lumberyard Asset Processor, do you have Visual Studio 2019 installed on your machine? Have you run the Setup Assistant to select which version of Visual Studio you would like to build for? (if you are looking for the 2017 version of the Editor, you can find it in the “dev/Bin64vc141/” folder. “142” is used for 2019)

Hi @Hawkeye & @julianocristian

LY Editor does not open when I use VPN & Turn On MY VPN, this is not a bug & you know what is VPN Program , VPN is to break censorship in countries like Iran , Russia , China.

Thanks @Hawkeye
Answering your questions, on two Windows 10 devices, both did not have Lumberyard installed. I downloaded VS studio 2019 and later tried 2017 with a new engine installation and it didn’t work. I removed everything, installed everything again and when starting the engine it gives the same message! Do you have any suggestions on what to do? I did the installation in standard mode, defaltu as I always do. Unfortunately it didn’t work!

Hi @_AhmadKarami
Thanks! Unfortunately it didn’t work!

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@julianocristian just to be super clear about the issues you’re experiencing, I’ve got a few more questions;

  1. when you say that you “did the installation in standard mode”, are you referring to the options presented to you when you launch the Setup Assistant?
  2. After downloading Lumberyard, what actions did you take? More details about what tools you ran and how you launched the Lumberyard Editor will help me figure out what issue you are experiencing

Here is a link to our documentation around the Setup Assistant, it may help you:

In general, when setting up Lumberyard for the first time, the process should include:

  1. Running the installer
  2. Running the Setup Assistant (There will be 2 options here, one for a quick install, the other for a custom install)

If you chose the quick install, the Editor should be functional.

If you chose the custom install, you will need to run the Project Configurator and build your selected project for any of the custom installation changes to be applied (this includes Visual Studio version, whether or not to build the tools and engine along with the game, and 3rd Party settings).

Hi @_AhmadKarami,

Based on the error message in the photo you have attached, it looks as though there is already one instance of the Asset Processor running on your machine. The Asset Processor can only have one instance running at a time.

Can you check in Windows Task Manager to see if you have any instances of the Asset Processor running already? And if so, can you kill the active Asset Processor, enable your VPN, and attempt to launch the Asset Processor again?

Thanks for listening @Hawkeye
Yes I did the standard installation, and there was nothing wrong.
When running the engine there is the error I sent. I’ve always installed it this way
and at 1.25 came giving these problems. All installed in standard mode, and following the official documentation.

@Hawkeye I restarted My computer (Windows 10 64 bit) , then, I turned on my VPN , I saw again this errors, I saw this errors in previous versions 1.23 , 1.22 , etc :blush: When the VPN is off, the editor opens without problems and again I turned on my VPN , I saw again this errors and again When the VPN is off, the editor opens without problems ,plus ** In the steps I have just explained and done when VPN is on, I do not see Asset Processor in list Process for kill it (Windows Task Manager)** :slightly_smiling_face:

@julianocristian in an attempt to reproduce your issue, I downloaded Lumberyard 1.25 and installed it, but I did not see the error you posted. These were the exact steps I followed:

  1. Clicked “Download Now” on
  2. Launched the LumberyardInstaller.exe from my browser
  3. Set the install location to D:\Lumberyard (my C:\ drive is almost full so I had to use a different one)
  4. Clicked “Install”
  5. 1 I selected “Launch Lumberyard Setup Assistant”
  6. I selected “Launch”
  7. The Editor launched with no errors, and the Asset Processor is running in the background, also with no errors

Can you let me know if any of the steps you followed were different from what I have described here? I need more details about the actions you performed in order to understand what might be wrong.

Hi @Hawkeye
I removed, downloaded the engine and downloaded it 4 times, repeated all the steps like yours and when loading the engine give that error … Very strange. it never happened to me before. Thanks for support

@julianocristian Can you navigate to the dev/Bin64vc142/ folder and check to see if the “Gem.ImageProcessing.Editor…” file listed in the error message of your original post is present in that folder?

@julianocristian If that file is present in the folder, can you check to see if you may have some sort of windows firewall running? If the .dll is in the proper place, there may be something on your computer preventing LY from accessing it

Okay, I will do the verification and testing and return you! Thank you!

@Hawkeye No !


I’m not sure what you mean by this. Does the file listed in that error popup (“Gem.ImageProcessing.Editor…”) exist in the folder listed in the error popup?

The file is in the indicated folder and the .dll file is also there!
I will remove and try the whole process again. Tomorrow I have a Webinar with more than 50 LATAM devs and I need to get the engine running. Thanks for listening.

Before you completely uninstall the engine, can you check to see if you might have some sort of Windows Firewall running? Could it be blocking the Lumberyard Asset Processor from accessing .dll files?

I looked yes and the firewall and antiviruses I disabled all but it didn’t work.

Do you have Visual Studio 2019 installed on this machine?