[ERROR] Platform 'win_x64_vs2019' is not enabled or supported

Hi Team,
I need your suggestions to fix below problem.
I have installed lumberyard with VS2019 and i am trying to rebuild “starterGame” but i m getting below error in log file.

“F:\Applictions\Lumberyard\lumberyard\dev\lmbr_waf.bat” build_win_x64_vs2019_profile --enabled-game-projects=StarterGame -p all
[WAF] Engine Root: F:\Applictions\Lumberyard\lumberyard\dev
[WAF] Executing ‘build_win_x64_vs2019_profile’ in ‘f:\Applictions\Lumberyard\lumberyard\dev\BinTemp\win_x64_vs2019_profile’
[ERROR] Platform ‘win_x64_vs2019’ is not enabled or supported. Make sure it is properly configured for this host.
Process failed with return code: 1

Could you please help here.

Thanks and appreciated for your support.
Milind G

Hi @MilindG!

Have you run the Setup Assistant? It can be found at dev/Tools/LmbrSetup/Win/SetupAssistant.exe. There is a way to set the Visual Studio version on the first page of that tool.

If this does not solve your issue, would you mind telling me what version of Lumberyard you are attempting to build?

I was having this same error. I had already ran the setup assistant, after checking the VS 2019 option during setup and then opening up the project configurator and clicking to rebuild, I would get this error. Subsequent clicks of the rebuild project button would do nothing, and I noticed that the VS 2019 unchecked itself in the setup assistant.

After looking around I found this which resolved the issue (it seems the setup assistant doesn’t ensure everything you need from VS is actually installed):


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