[Error] (ScriptCanvas) - Received a duplicated registration callback

I see this error all the time:
[Error] (ScriptCanvas) - Received a duplicated registration callback.

I cannot find any way to diagnose fixing the error. Does anyone have input as to where I would look? Thanks!

Any clue on what graph/entity that graph is on? I have never gotten any errors that have any impact on the project itself. Is this a Console error or a script canvas Graph Validation Error?

When this error fires it often crashes the editor from “play game” mode back to edit time. It does show in the console but definitely has repercussions on the project. I cannot find what graph it is on as there is no print messages that help point to it. I was hoping this thread may lead to additional information added to the console print error already existing.

This seems to be something that would need to be further looked into with Visual Studio Debugging. Any issues can usually be solved with that. Other than that, I really have no clue on how to figure out were the issue is coming from.