Error when copying sounds to new project

Aloha, I am using 1.23 and have created and imported a soundbank from wwise to LY. The sounds worked fine. For other reasons, I erased and reinstalled my project from a past setting and transferred over my working sounds folder to my new install. On initial load of the project there are no issues. However, when I try to add any additional sounds through wwise, once I load LY I then get the following error that I have not been able to figure out how to fix.

<09:10:42> CrySystem could not initialize correctly for the following reason(s):
FileCacheManager: Could not cache ‘sounds/wwise/content.bnk’ - out of memory or fragmented memory!

Any ideas on what I should do or be looking for?

Hi @pFaso
The amount of memory given to FileCacheManager to load .bnk files is given by the CVar: s_FileCacheManagerSize.
You can check its value in the Editor by entering the CVar into the console, it will print the current value.
The value is given in KiB, so you need to divide it by 1024 to see the size in MiB. Check this size against the size of your content.bnk file. You can specify a new value in a .cfg file (i.e. system_windows_pc.cfg or game.cfg), again specify the CVar value in KiB.

For example I want 256MiB, so I’d do 256 * 1024: