Error when I start up the editor

Everytime I start up the editor, I get this error and wanted to know how to resolve this error

If you do not plan on using WWISE for a while or at all in you project you can go into the setup assistant --> Enable Gems on your project --> WWISE Gem, and turn it off --> rebuild your project. That should fix your problem.

I am planning on using WWise full not the LXT version for this project

Than like the error is showing you are missing the .bnk file. I have not used WWISE much, but there is a tutorial series on Youtube from Amazon Lumberyard about setting up a WWISE Project. I would advise watching those to see what you have to do to get a full project up and running with WWISE.

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Thank you very much. Kind of wished that was included in the getting started documents.

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No problem, yes there are a few things that should be added to the Getting Started Docs, I think at least URL’s to the video tutorials they make about some items. :+1: