Error with the Gem.PhysX when building the

Been getting these error when I try to build c++ project by this command “lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2019_profile -p all”

[7530/9436] qxx (win_x64_vs2019|profile): Gems\PhysX\Code\Editor\PolygonPrismMeshUtils.cpp -> BinTemp\win_x64_vs2019_profile\Gems\PhysX\Code\Editor\PolygonPrismMeshUtils.cpp.9498966.obj
e:\Games\Requiem\lumberyard\dev\Gems\PhysX\Code\Editor/PolygonPrismMeshUtils.h(18): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘poly2tri.h’: No such file or directory
Build failed
Compilation failed - File: ‘PolygonPrismMeshUtils.cpp.9498966.obj’, Module: ‘PhysX.Editor’, Configuration: ‘win_x64_vs2019|profile’, error code 2

I have checked with the Setup Assistant to make sure that PhysX SDK is installed in the third-party path, and It appears to installed correctly.

Hi @ravenboilinux

It looks like you’re having the same issue as another user a few weeks ago. Please check out this post and thread for a fix:

Let me know if you’re still having problems, hopefully this should be able to resolve it for you, the fix will be in the next release,



@tom-hh yes this change fixed my issue, after looking at this change and I found out this issue in the SetupAssistantConfig.json is present in the GitHub repo for Lumberyard.

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