Errors \bugs in V1.12 so far..

I’m putting 1.12 through it’s pace and I have encountered a few things that used to work in 1.11 that doesn’t in 1.12. I’ll start with these two and will add the others once I replicate and am sure it used to work in 1.11.

If you create an entity and assign it an Input component, clicking on Open in Binding Editor (the Joystick icon) no longer brings up the binding editor window. Image attached below.

Also getting some source control errors, being the devop at my place of work made me grin on this one… Happens…

This is from a fresh LW install, no customizations.

Thanks for reporting this issue, @Nossgrr! I’ve added it to our bugs list for further action :slight_smile:
And also, apologies for the delayed response on this thread.

Heya! Have you tried to disabled the Perforce plugin to remove this error?

I have this problem too

I had this problem too and I seem to recall it being due to some kind of pop-under behavior. The window appeared in a way or a place that was not expected. I wish I could remember the exact details or what I did to get it to work.

Thanks and sorry for the troubles folks. I’ve added this to the team’s visibility. Stay tuned!