Everytime when I opened my map, materials for my grass resets to wrong default values ( it's looks like i'm to just imported materials again)

Hi guys! I trying to figure out in “detail bending” feature, it’s used for all kind of vegetation to simulate wind affects. Seems what “detail bending” works fine for me.

But I faced with strange behavoiur of Editor(or Material tool or AssetProcessor) do not know. After I made some setup for vegetation’s materials. Next I save changes and close Editor. Next I just open same map again, after I open map. I see default material for all my vegetations. It’s seems what both my materials do not save changes at all. Or they was saved/loaded from different places by engine. Do you faced with similar bug? How do you solved this?

pics before save all and close enditor

after open same map again

I found an answer to my issue

Do not use this check box, if you do not have right setup for material in FBX file

it’s just re-import all materials for you from your model, every time when you opened map in Editor.

heh deleting materials from cache folder do the trick. Now I think what need use both option in same time )
1st - do not use check box with “update material” and 2nd - after you doing import model with it’s material, just close Editor and went to cache dir and delete all matarials.
Next, open Editor it’s now generate Mats for cache folder again, but now they do not resets to defaults values.