Everywhere Announcement

This makes me sad to see them announce their jump :weary:

Does not matter because we are Lumbernauts, I used ue4 four years ago , ue4 is complex engine, Most of its tools are complex :100: % :white_check_mark: Unreal does not have the tools of nature’s system, it looks artificial.

Of course, I have other strong reasons why I suggest people not use ue4, I may explain those reasons in a separate topic, but not here! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t care about the unreal engine. The lumberyard is perfect!

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I’m completely new to gamedev and i’m not sure what to expect from Lumberyard in the future.

This forum looks active and you can get answers on the Discord server as well. I see the community building efforts here and on Discord as well and i assume the drive is coming from AWS side. But…

As others said before me having a roadmap for example would make it clear that AWS is still serious with this engine. At this point im not sure if it worth investing into LY on the long run.

I know AWS infra services enough that i trust them, my assumption is that LY has to be the same way usable, but would be happier with more transparency.

LY is a great engine. We are all waiting for the full version.
We are sure that Lumberyard is nothing short of ue4…
We hope that in the new updates, the Lumberyard engine will have great features

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