.exe file for V.S. 2017 does not load

I have successfully installed Lumberyard and successfully created a new project along with selecting gems, configuring the project and building the project using the following commands;

lmbr_waf configure

lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs*2017*_profile -p game

I also selected the specific project as default.

I have Visual Studios, (V.S.) 2017 installed and not 2015. I can load the automatic shortcut to the editor linked to the V.S. 2015 folder (140) and I can launch the editor from that folder. However when I try to launch the editor for the V.S. 2017 version in the 2017 folder (141) nothing happens. The editor does not load, no errors are displayed but the launcher seems to be running in the background when I check the task manager.

I tried altering the default project to the starter project and run into the same issue where nothing happens but via the task manager it seems to be running.

Thank you,


@Douglas (adding you per our previous discussions)

Because I could not get 2017 to load I found and installed V.S. 2015 reconficured/built my project and now everything is working for 2015. I know this is not a solution however it is a workaround.

I am having the same issue you are it seems, I almost installed 2015 just because I couldn’t find a solution for the same problem you are having. I have also posted a question regarding the editor not doing anything. Glad to hear I have an alternative however using 2015. In your attempts to fix the problem did you try doing anything in VS 2017 specifically? I made attempts as I found a document that was a bit dated that stated we should try commands there but have had no luck with it either

Hi, I know you have been using 2015 since your last attempt but I believe I found a potential fix, it worked for me though I realize one fix may work for one whereas another works for someone else. I ran my editor for 2017 through combaility with Windows 8 and it finally opened up. I did a few other things prior but Im unsure as to whether any of it helped, still if you want to see what it was I posted a question similar to yours here:


Look at my answer at the bottom. I hope this helps you

This worked for me as well. Thank you!

I’ve been trying for days but didn’t see this answer before. Exact same problem, Windows 8 compat worked for me too! Hope they fix the 2017 support soon.