Export from Blender?

Please add tutorial for exporting from Blender. Maya and Max are very pricey programs and Blender is just as good if not better (zbrush-like sculpting…) even if a little bit harder to learn.


Lot of indies like me use blender, we need FBX import for rigged characters.

Hi @Darkhog,

Thank you for your feedback. We have been getting a lot of requests to support additional packages such as Blender, but at this time, we only have support and tutorials for Maya and Max. We have an FBX Importer coming out soon, so keep an eye out for announcements with more details on that.

I agree, Blender is a popular choice for indie developers. If Lumberyard is hoping to become the indie game engine of choice it will be important to support free or inexpensive alternatives to expensive products offered by adobe and autodesk. I’m very excited to dig into Lumberyard so I’m hoping this will be addressed.

I tried to use the CryBlend plugin (Blender plugin for CryEngine export) to export assets to Lumberyard yesterday, but with no success, unfortunately. While the exported file types should work with Lumberyard, Amazon seems to have made some changes to the resource compiler (rc.exe), so that it does not work currently. I hope that this will be fixed soon, CryBlend seems to be a very mature plugin which would be useful for all LumberYard users

Agreed we need support for more model types like .dae, .fbx and sketchup etc. Until that happens I really can’t do much, as don’t have the funds for Maya or 3ds

I think that feature is still incomplete and they are working on it

What is the estimated date for the new FBX importer for static and rigger models ?

Hi @AmazonGarden - thanks for your question! While we understand that this is an important feature to the community, we unfortunately can’t give a date of release for the FBX Importer feature. We want to make sure it works and contributes positively to Lumberyard, which means we don’t want to push it out on a deadline that was promised and ends up being restrictive for whatever reason. It is very high priority so rest assured it’s a focus, but we won’t be able to give a date for that (or most) features. Just know that we hear you and we all have our hard hats on :slight_smile:

I tried to load in a FBX file through the already present FBX importer but getting errors like no root node present. Is this a problem with my FBX file or the current importer which I assume is in beta?

I cant wait to see FBX files in Lumberyard! :slight_smile:

Good job guys keep it up!

Thanks for your feedback! I know the team is really hustling on that FBX Import support, as lots of people have requested it.

I have an edu license of Maya, but I rarely use it. I’m studying Lumberyard and working through a few ideas, but I’ll be able to do little until FBX support is implemented. Adapting CryBlend for Lumberyard also sounds really useful.