Exporting Camera from 3dsmax with Alembic

I have a huge scene, i want to track exactly some scene’s i have setup in 3dsmax.

while i am using alembic to export animations, is there a way to export my camera within that files and import it in Lumberyard ?

Good question — let me see if I can find some answers on this!

Hi @AFsoft - If you want to do the camera animation from within your 3ds Max scene, you will have to be able to export the animated object out of your scene into the engine. To do this, you would make a camera rig that is essentially a “character”, so that you have a skeleton that is exportable, and can be keyframed and play back that keyframed animation within the engine. Once you have your rig set up, exported, and then have your character set up in Geppetto with its associated animations, you can add a child entity to your character in the Entity Outliner. The child entity can contain a Camera component. So essentially, your animated “character” (the path through space you want your camera to take as keyframed in 3ds Max) will be the parent of and entity that contains a camera componenent.