Exporting Cinematics.

Is it possible to export cinematics to exr sequences for post processing ?

More importantly can you export AOV and other information (depth etc)

Hi @motion4d,

Thank you for your question and for your interest in Lumberyard. Currently Lumberyard only outputs tif, tga, jpg and mp4 (video) files. exr output is on our road map. Your feedback helps us prioritize this feature, so thank you for that.

You mention ambient occlusion and depth information as important. Are there other specific channels or buffers you need, and if so, which?

For depth, we do support writing an existance alpha channel with the color buffer (Track View:Tools:Render Output…:Buffer(s) to Capture = Color + alpha) which may help with your post-processing, but is not full depth data of course.

Hi leo,

I’m also interested in exporting different channels/buffers for bringing them to comp. usefull channels beside depth would be diffuse lighting, Gi and spec/reflection. Is such a thing even possible in Lumberyard?

On the exr output. Can you be more specific about when we can expect this feature? is it more like within the next 1-2 monthe or rahter within a year?