Exporting LODs from Maya error


I’m following the docs for exporting LOD’s out of Maya, copying the format of the “Advanced LODs” on this page here http://docs.aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/latest/userguide/char-export-maya-lumberyard-tools-lod.html

My hierarchy looks identical to this

Unfortunately, every time I do, I get this error about different numbers of vertices to vertex links

If I take all the “lod#” groups out of the main group it expors fine, if I try export everything separately it exports fine. It seems the problem only occurs when a group of meshes is within another group of meshes.

PLS HALP :slight_smile:

Hey @animatoraron, I’m looking into an answer for you on this.

Hey @animatoraron, can you provide a little more info on the steps you are taking and what assets you are using? There may be an issue with the nesting in groups. The more information you can provide the better. If there are screens of your hierarchy you can provide that would help too. If you don;t want to post them publicly you can email ly-community@amazon.com and just include this post link and we can take a loot that way.

Hey @Binky - thanks for getting back to me.

The docs in the link from my first post suggests the nested groups is the only correct way to do the LOD setup no?

Here is my hierarchy, all the pieces are just standard, DQ skinned objects which individually export just fine.

If I take the 3 “_lod#_character_group” out of the “character_group” it exports fine, If I try export them all individually it’s fine, it’s just this configuration with the LODs that has issues.


Thanks. I’m trying to get an answer for you. Just FYI, it may be a little slow with the holidays and all.

Looks like this is a know issue and this process only works for static meshes. What you need to do is export each LOD as it’s own skin with the appropriate tag (LOD1, LOD2, LOD3) . Does that make sense?