Eye shader stretching texures


So I’m using the eye shader, and have followed this guide for cryengine3.6, which lumberyard is based on (couldn’t find anything in the lumberyard docs). here.

I am not using an eye occlusion, eye water, or tear duct. Just the eyeball. All my textures are 512x512. For some reason, it appears the eye shader is stretching my texture horizontally slightly and so the iris is stretched. FYI the texture is applied to a primitive sphere added as a mesh component to the entity.

See this image:

Also, this is what my settings in the material editor are:

And here are my textures for download, incase there is anything wrong with them: 6908-streched-eye.zip (925 KB)streched-eye.zip

Thanks in advance for any help!

I fixed it! I’m not really sure how, but I basically decided to use an actor instead and overlap my eye textures over the packed texture that came with the actor, and used skin attachment actors to attach the eyes as a seperate entity, allowing me to use a different material on them.