Failed to load fresh global preloads

Hi there. I am trying to play a simple sound from Wwise in Lumberyard but am encountering some issues.

The setup, as far as I can tell is correct. Lumberyard detects my Wwise project and the events I have in it. However, when I assign a Wwise event to a trigger and then right-click -> execute trigger, I get the following error:

[Warning] <Audio> <71.642>: Failed to Post Wwise event 0
[Warning] <Audio> <71.642>: Trigger "trigger" failed on AudioObject "Audio trigger preview" (ID: 2147)

Now, I’ve already looked at this thread:

However, when I try to Refresh Audio, I get the following error:

ATL RefreshAudioSystem - Failed to load fresh global preloads!
[Error] ATL RefreshAudioSystem - Failed to load fresh global preloads!
[Warning] <Audio> <171.494>: Done refreshing the AudioSystem!
[Warning] <Audio> <175.025>: ProcessAudioManagerRequest > Trigger not found for: SATLInternalControlIDs::nLoseFocusTriggerID
[Warning] <Audio> <174.871>: ProcessAudioManagerRequest > Trigger not found for: SATLInternalControlIDs::nGetFocusTriggerID

Now, I am using the full non-ltx version of Wwise in evulation mode. So perhaps that is causing some kind of issue?

Earlier in the console log I also see this warning:

[Warning] XML reader: Can't open file (libs\gameaudio\wwise\config.xml)

After quitting the asset processor and rebooting the project I managed to get this new clue:

[Warning] <Audio> <33.005>: Beginning to refresh the AudioSystem!
[Error] <Audio> <33.006>: Wwise failed to load Init.bnk, returned the AKRESULT: 64
<Wwise> Failed to load Init.bnk!
[Error] <Wwise> Failed to load Init.bnk!

using lumberyard v1.5.0.0

using Wwise 2016.1.3.5878 (x64)

@darkblitz Hmm. I am still getting the same error “Failed to load fresh global preloads” even with the LTX Version (2015.2 Build 5495.1).
I tried opening the samples project and playback sounds in there. It worked fine. Hitting Refresh Audio worked too, thereby confirming that the engine could read those soundbanks correctly (as expected). But then I closed out of the samples project and copied the entire /Sounds folder from the samples project over to my current project. And then I opened my current project and got the same old “failed to load fresh global preloads” error, and no playback.

So somehow, Lumberyard manages to read the soundbanks from the samplesproject just fine…but when I copy the exact same (valid) soundbanks over to my own project, it breaks.

Therefore it must be a project (setup) related issue. Any hints on where I might look to check if the project is using the right version of Wwise?


Hey @mcalis,

Bank loading errors are usually due to mismatched versions of WWise SDK - so it could be that you are compiling an audio bank using the full version of the WWise SDK while the engine is still using the LTX version and as such is unable to load them.

To modify the the version of WWise the engine uses, you would need to modify the SetupAssistantConfig.json file located under the dev\ folder. You would need to match the version in that file to whatever version you are using to compile the banks in and then run: lmbr_waf configure to relink the dlls from the 3rdPartyFolder.

In other words, after modifying the json file, you will need to launch SetupAssistant again and go through the configuration process to reconfigure the engine. This post has more information on how you would modify the file.

Let us know if you need more information on that and if the suggestion helped!


Thank you for your answer @darkblitz. For my current pre-production situation it’s slightly too risky to re-configure the engine, but I will try your solution within a few weeks from now. Once I do, and if I can confirm that all is working, I’ll be sure to mark your answer as accepted.

Thank you for your assistance so far. I’ll be sure to get back to you within a few weeks!

Hello @mcalis,

SetupAssistantConfig.json is where you would locate the version of WWise being used by the engine and all projects.

To clarify, where do you see that error? Is it when you are using the Audio Controls Editor? Have you checked out our documentation on the Audio Controls Editor?

Let us know!


No worries! Thanks!

I am getting the same error. The Samples Project loads just fine, but if I create a new project and set it to default the editor crashes during start up with an error dialog: "Game can not be initialized, please refer to the editor log file. The editor log is located here: D:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev\Cache\MyProject\pc\user\log where Amazon\Lumberyard is my installation directory.

The error is: [Error]


Sorry for the issue @cclements1384 — let me get you some answers on this topic :slight_smile:

Hello @cclements1384,

After switching projects please make sure to rebuild your game. I don’t think it’s related to audio banks per-say but more on the Game DLL side.

You can follow this tutorial for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to build a game :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

I got same error.

[Warning] <134.304>: Trigger “lose_focus” failed on AudioObject

“GlobalAudioObject” (ID: 1)

[Warning] <134.325>: Trigger “get_focus” failed on AudioObject “GlobalAudioObject” (ID: 1)…etc

and I cannot trigger audio in ACE, either. Anyone can fix it? Thank you.


wwise LTX v2016.1.1.5823

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