FBX Character to LY Actor Import Material Issues

The DAZ Studio FBX character that I import into Lumberyard has black streaks going across the materials. In the image above, the FBX file is to the left and the LY actor is to the right.

In the image above, the armor material is what has has those black streaks.

In the image above, the I changed the amor material opacity to 0. Without the armor, I can see that 10% of those streaks are coming from the parts that were transparent in the armor material but have black backgrounds from parts of the clothing underneath. For example, the black areas around the logo on the actor’s chest has parts that show up when the armor has 100% opacity.

I’m fairly new to 3D artwork. What could be causing this issue? How come the LY actor doesn’t look like the FBX file?


I’ve figured it out. The Diffuse Color (Tint) and Specular Color had to be changed in order for the materials to have the correct colors.

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