FBX export?

I know you guys plan on adding a FBX import pipeline in Lumberyard, but could you add FBX export also? I can see myself using the Designer tool to mock up a rough level and then I would need to export it to Modo for further detailing/finalizing the model.

It sounds odd to want to use Limberyard as a modeling app to make models and use them on other 3D apps or 3D engines.

I think that Lumberyard has a .OBJ Export option which you can import into 3D Modeling app such as Modo. Then you could export it as a .FBX from your said modeling app.

Hi @SonKim I think that sounds like a good workflow. There is an export option, it can be found under the ‘Files’ option in the main menu. This allows the export of selected objects as obj, ocm (occlusion meshes) and fbx. Unfortunately it was noticed too late that the fbx export is not working correctly and has been disabled. This will be reenabled in later releases.

However obj export works correctly and can be imported into many standard modelling programs.

@ChrisDB That’s great news about FBX export returning soon! I prefer FBX because it preserves the correct scale of meshes.

@AmazonGarden it’s not odd at all, quite a common practice call “whiteboxing” in level design.