Fbx Importer takes way too long importing Fbx File with animations.

I was just testing to see how I would setup animations in Lumberyard for an fps with arms and gun rig. So I made a simple block prototype with extremely basic animations in blender and exported it to lumberyard. I set the animation key frames in the Fbx importer and click the update button. So its been about 2 hours now and its still going saying file processing with nothing processed. I’ve try this a couple of times and never finishes. Please help. I put my blender file and fbx file in a folder is you would like to test this issue.

Here is Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bv1xbfnwcmj6r07/AACzU_X8h9o8ON8MIPtFQlRQa?dl=0

Ok thank you

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Well, glad to hear it’s working today at least! :slight_smile:

Hey @steveH,

Sorry to hear you’re running into issues. Could you confirm which version of Lumberyard you are using?

I grabbed your .FBX file and tested against Lumberyard in SamplesProject, and the file processed almost instantly. Even after fiddling with the FBX Settings and clicking on update, this is what I get in the File Progress window:

You were saying yours gets stuck saying “File Processing”, correct? Are you seeing any errors in Asset Processor as well?

I’m not sure what caused the issue, but I try’d again today and it worked.


But thank you.

@Ajia, can you check for me to see if the mesh is invisable when you drag it into the scene. I don’t know why but some time models i import from blender are invisable in lumberyard.

Hey @steveH

Yes, I’m able to bring them into the level. The arms are really big.

If they are coming into the level invisible, you may want to make sure your .mtl file is listed next to the .FBX asset and not within the .FBX. There was a bug in a previous version of Lumberyard where the .mtl file would be hiding under the .FBX, and the way to fix this was to open the .mtl in the Material Editor and save some changes to the .mtl to have it migrate out from under the .FBX in Asset Browser.