Feature Collection Thread


first of all - BIG kudos to the Amazon GameDev team who are working so hard to adjust the CryEngine to offer it in great new ways with Twitch and your AWS services!

In order to not further flood the forum with single posts requesting single missing features in LY,
we might as well collect them in one discussion thread.

However, keep in mind that the Amazon GameDevs are aware of our many request, so you are best adviced to follow their blog ( https://aws.amazon.com/de/blogs/gamedev/ ) and check which of the requested features are already covered by them! Below, features that are already covered are marked with an asterisk (*).

So far, the collected features are as follows:

3rd Party Software:

  • Bullet Physics

  • PhysX support (e.g. for dynamic cloth and hair)

  • SpeedTree

  • Substance

  • VR *

Development IDE:

  • Visual Studio 2015

  • Import from Blender (!) *

General requests:

  • Alternative download options of LY (via installer, torrent file or a download manager) *

  • Separate download of sources *

  • Theme based assets available in separate packages

- !!! A better forum that allows categorizing topics !!!

  • Sample project with a mannequin character (e.g. with walking / idle animation)


  • Linux, Mac OSX (according to devs: WIP) *

GUI input fields (workflow):

  • When editing decimal values in input fields automatically change “,” to "." (so users of non-ENG/US-keyboards can quickly edit them too :wink: )

  • Add option to tab through input fields

  • While editing input fields allow to jump to end with END keystroke and start with pos1 keystroke

Feel free to add more features that you badly miss and I’ll update this list here.



Thanks for checking in. No, ShadowGames is my nickname since years.

speedtree? what’s the functionality of that?

all the others i +1

just googled speedtree - definitely +1 for that!!!

Will do Jamie. Having a nice game project in mind and can’t wait to get my hands dirty! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback! And also for pointing out - if there are bugs or anything broken, please report it so we can check it out.

+1 for blender support!

Cool thanks for that, did you run off with my name or is it the other way round? :D.

Speedtree is a library that allows developers to literally visualize millions of highly realistic individual trees. Very awesome - and I’m sure you’ve seen that lib working in one or the other game. :slight_smile:

Some of thing I like

  • Lightmap is a good option,
  • Blender Support
  • Removing unnecessary downloads and adding necessary ones, whole pre-built engine package,
  • Linux Lumberyard Editor
  • Torrent Download
  • Steam & GOG support
  • Bullet Physics (GPU and CPU)

Musts I’d think are Substance and Speedtree as they are becoming standards.

A more advanced screen space reflections analogue UE4 or Frostbite is that there is currently looks awful and very limited

Does it not support Visual Studio 2015? I’ve been using VS2015 with CryEngine 3.8, the version which Lumberyard is derived from, and it works fine.

Blender, Blender, Blender!!!

Thanks for starting this thread. Hope Amazon fixes this crappy forums look soon. Looks like its 3P software. How hard would it have been to get a proper 3P forum software? But kudos to the dev team for their participation here. I just started with the forum this weekend and am loving all the support for a free product like this.

  • PhysX support for dynamic cloth and hair

  • an useable, easy interface to be able to click in npcs (with AI), props and other content, fast

  • a normal player-char instead the cheesy robot

  • a single engine pack with about 700mb and

  • packs for zombie, scifi, wood and so on for single download

  • the same graphics like CryEngine freesdk. At moment Lumberyards graphics look “washed out”, compared

I would add , as I wrote in a previous post a visual editor ( like EU4 ) with flow nodes for creating advanced materials / shaders .

I would add , as I wrote in a previous post a visual editor ( like EU4 ) with flow nodes for creating advanced materials / shaders .

One issue I had with CryEngine was that it was not indie friendly. Amazon should fix that stigma with Lumberyard.

These are all general:

Better starter templates - Think Unreal Engine 4. There is a starter template for most genre of games. Very easy to prototype.

Easier to manager complete human Actor - Too many parts to the gameSDK actor system. Just too many for an indie dev. Its hard to transfer it to another project.

Easier way to transfer entities/actors/objects/prefabs across projects. Right now with the sample project we have to manually copy textures\scripts\prefabs\objects\libs (flow graphs) into the new project. Then we can import prefab.xml. Should be an export option for object that creates a .pak or something. Then we can import that file and to get all the textures\scripts\prefabs\objects\libs (flow graphs), etc for that object.

Configurable threads # for Asset Processor: Its processing only 6 at a time. I want to control be able to that.

Ability to create, change/open project directly from the editor.

High Resolution Support. I work on a powerful laptop with 15inch screen and QHD+ resolution (3200x1800). I had to hack the Editor and Launcher using dpimangler.


or directly to https://trello.com/b/q68MXuwD/lumberyard-unofficial-whishlist