[feature]EMotion FX: event tracks from external file

I know it’s in preview.

If I’m not mistaken the event tracks are saved in the .motion file (which is fine), but the problem is when I re-export the fbx file the event tracks will be overwritten. Most dccs have a timeline marker tool and with some scripting this can be exported. It would make more sense when you make a .motion file, you can not only specify an fbx file but also another file that contains the event tracks.

Yep, it works. Didn’t know it was also saved in .assetinfo. Sorry I missed that.

HI @Nocturn - if you could let us know which version of the engine you are using that would be great - helps us to look at issues!

Motion Events are saved alongside the FBX files (which are then split into Actors, Motions and Meshes by the Asset Processor and also by any manual actions you perform when you do “Edit Settings” on the FBX from the Asset Browser) in a file type called the .ASSETINFO file. So you will see next to your .fbx file a file that is called .fbx.assetinfo.

The .ASSETINFO file type contains any unique information that the Animation Editor needs to know about that FBX file (Actor or Motion), and is basically an XML file type. Any Motion Events associated with a specific Motion would be saved in this file. When you recreate (or “reexport”) an existing FBX file that is already part of a Motion Set, if there is no change in the frame range (animation length), there would be no effect on the .ASSETINFO file. However, if you shortened the length of the animation, and you had motion events outside that new length, you would effectively be “clipping” these motion events off due to changing the length of the motion.

So to clarify, what you are asking for seems like a feature request for something that would probably be part of the Asset Browser, when you use the Edit Settings feature on an FBX file. When you create a Motion (or Motions) from an FBX file, you would also have the ability to add an attribute which specifies an external file from which to derive Motion Events?

Thanks for any clarifications.