[Feature Request] Create a NEW cinematic-quality Woodlands Game Sample

@lmbr_Saulty - Phil, look back at the old Woodland (CrySDK) and look at HOW BEAUTIFUL that Woodland GameSDK is!

Working boats, destructible vegetation, and great looking water. Near cinematic quality GameSDK, and why can’t we reach a point that we have this same thing in Lumberyard?

Amazon deprecates EVERYTHING, and doesn’t update (or maintain) anything, and of the 15 or 20+ beautiful sample projects (that we used to have) NONE OF THEM WORK with the current Lumberyard.

Look at Crytek and they create a new updated version of Woodlands SDK (with EVERY SINGLE RELEASE of CryEngine!)

We need the same thing with Lumberyard! We need a new “Woodlands” type demo map that is BETTER than the Crytek Woodlands, but using Lumberyard Script Canvas (so we can learn from it).

We NEED these things! We need working vehicle system. Working cinematic quality game samples with boats, forests, destructible vegetation, working vehicles/cars/boats/aircraft, roads, a REAL GAME SDK (just like CryEngine).

(and then STOP BREAKING THINGS). If you are planning on changing something (in the game engine) then YOU should be updating the Game SDK (prior to changing anything) so at least the game sample “works”, and please don’t call that current Amazon game sample a “game sample”, because that is horrendous, and NOT a real game sample!

We want a CrySDK Woodlands game sample! (something comparable to that).

This here:

Please and thank-you!


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