[Feature Request]Editor only placeolder component to track down references to the entity.

It would be usefull to have a component that doesn’t exist a runtime, but that makes visible during editing all the references from and to the object. this component can be added on the fist referencing and then deleted when the last reference in or out is gone using the ebus system.

It may give the possibility to jump(select) the object related to the actual one.

This may be usefull for example To see that my entity is referenced in various simple state components around a level to understand what is enabling and disabling this component at runtime if it goes out of control.

From this component it may then possible to draw helper graphic(es lines) to the referenced and referencing objects with various visibility options(maybe unserialized).

Alternatively or at the same time the widget to select entity can be enriched by additional buttons to select or to draw a line to the referenced object.

Nice suggestion @Gamely.