[Feature Request] HTML5-based UI solution

Hi there!

I’d like to ask Lumberyard developers to add the ability to use HTML5/JavaScript UI rendering abilities. With this thing it would be possible to import most of the existing UI assets made for CoherentUI, Awesomium, and even Scaleform (AS2/AS3 code is quite simply convertible into JavaScript and TypeScript) and utilize the existing tools and development techniques. Adobe Animate can be used to create the layouts and animations, then export them as a web page or collection of resources to be used together with JS code.

The built-in functionality of the engine’s UI editor isn’t even comparable to what can be achieved with Scaleform or any of its modern alternatives. I’ve got some cool RPG UI elements, which work in CryEngine thanks to Scaleform GFx. But I really want to move towards Lumberyard and I don’t want to lower my standards of living.


Okay @Alex626 , Pardon Me ,You’re right, thank you so much for your suggestion @Alex626 , please Lumberyard team , add this suggestion to Lumberyard , thanks a lot :slight_smile:

autodesk has stopped developing scaleforms. i think, ui system that is already built into lumberyard is excellent and there are many possibilities for grow up development.

Did you even read my post?

yes , UI Editor (Lumberyard) is POWERFUL & GREAT , I do not need to HTML5/Javascript/ScaleForm/AdobeAnimate , etc tools

I think , Lumberyard team have a plan for improve UI editor in future :wink:

This was not a petition of yelling about HOW MUCH you LOVE the existing UI editor.

This topic is addressed to Lumberyard developers. This is a request to add a new feature. If you have nothing to say on topic, please move on.