[Feature Request]Modern Color picker with Hdr float unconstrained values instead of 0-256 integers + multiplier.

This is quite a shame in 2017 as we have integer color components 0 to 256 everywere instead of float ones that needs to be unconstrained to go up from 1.0 to select very bright color.

There is no point to stick with these constraints any more.

The only place where multipliers are just right is for diffuse / specular components of light that can be multiplied separately, but the starting colors needs to be float also in that case.

Unreal engine color picker has an additional feature to show color twice with and without gamma it could be good to have just for who comes from Ue4.

Loading old data the serializer could convert it to the new format to patch parameters(version patching is fully supported in lumberyard serialization).