[Feature Request][Sandbox]Custom Snapping for Mouseweel instead of fixed one and special one for translation and rotation properties based on the relative snap.

Actually mouseweel gives 0,20 units everytime.

A new snap for properties could be added to the transitional and rotational one to specify property increases while using mouseweel.

It needs to feature a long list of options(values in the 0,001 to the 1000 range) and/or the possibility to put a value by hand .

The actual snapping values needs to be displayed in some way actually you don’t see what translation and rotation snapping values are if you don’t look for them explicitly.

The default behaviour for positional and rotational properties could be changed from 0,2 to a multiple of translation and or rotation snap values for proper fine tuning es. for the translation in transform component the mouseweel could have a step 4 times smaller than the actual snapping with the transform gizmo.