[feature request] Script Canvas add dynamic arrays of inputs/outputs and properties to edit groups of node slots dynamically at edit time

Makes possible to improve nodes like sequencer and multiplexer or similar starting with no fixed number of inputs and outputs but adding them dynamically when required with a specific API.

One may then create functions that on every connection or disconnection from a socket of in this array check if it has to modify the node dynamically e.g. to have inputs = connected inputs + 1 or num of inputs + 1 or whatever and add an output for every input, double that number or whatever.

you can also change dynamically the socket name.

Great to make very complex nodes and also to save space when not all sockets are required.

This is very powerful but yet uncommon in this kind of node-based editors where generally all these things get hardcoded in the node.

Great feedback @Gamely - I’ve added this to our list on your behalf!

The math was fun to work out, but I’m dreading the 27-output version…