[Feature Request]show list of suggestions when user types self.

Intellisense in Lua editor is pretty basic the requested feature will pimp it a bit.

Apart from this cheap suggestion try to make the intellisense the best seen in lua or it really doesn’t make sense to write a new lua ide.

This includes better code coloring too es self,Classes and their methods etc.

I agree with @Gamely. Spelling and case sensitivity is eating my lunch in Lua. Hopefully we will see either an improved IDE or provide good integration for those of us that one to bring our own. And, I am still holding out hope for a C# Script :slight_smile:

I agree with both of the above. Fixing the capitalization (i.e. the autocomplete doesn’t fix capitalization of any previously typed characters) and spelling problems (i.e. autocomplete goes away when anything is misspelled) with the IDE would help me a lot. The autocomplete on self would make it so I don’t have to go hunting for the precise spelling of a method each time.

I’ve been switching between this IDE and Visual Studio Code (VSC) in the meantime. Visual Studio Code has better code coloring, in my opinion.