[Feature Request]Slice relative Trackview Sequence.

I could have got it wrong, but now the sequence seems to be owned by the level and all the references to object seems to be absolute or at least I didn’ understood how to have a sequence animating a slice to use the animation in a reusable and modular way.

This request is about a new component that can be added to the root entity of a slice that manages sequences relative to the child entities present in the slice.

It needs to expose a ebus to control the sequence that seems to be actually missing.

In this way the engine may be able to manage modular slices able to play multiple sequences indipendently from other instances of the slice in whatever level they are placed even when instanced as dynamic ones.

This is something that is already in the pipeline. I don’t have a release date or branch we can talk about just yet.

It’s a very great news.I’m very excited about this feature.

Hi. I was hoping for an update on this. Any news? Thanks. Anytime I use a trackview in a slice it throws warnings