Feature Requests for LY

I have a few features that I would like to request to be implemented in LY.

  1. Make the Lua editor syntax highlighter bolder and add more colors like visual studio does. Introduce new themes too.
  2. Create a node-based shader editor so that people like me (who have no idea about shaders) can create shaders :slight_smile: like the shader graph in unity and material editor in UE4.
  3. Create a node-based terrain editor that will create really detailed terrains in the editor like the map magic extension for unity.
  4. Update the documentation so that there are example scripts for each function, property, etc. like the scripting documentation for unity.
  5. Add more Lua tutorials because it is really hard to learn LY for people who do not like script canvas.

I like the idea of a node-based shader editor, but for #3 there is a terrain editor, it is called the landscape canvas, and it is a gem you need to enable. It is in early release, but is pretty powerful if you stick the time into it.


Can landscape canvas create landscapes like the one in map magic? because I only saw it creating procedural vegetation. I did not find any tutorials to alter the actual terrain with a node-based editor for LY.

Honestly taking a look at map magic, you could get something like this, but it would take longer because Landscape Canvas is more procedural, but you definitely can get anything map magic makes, it may take a bit more skills/longer to get what you want it to look like.

I am unable to create anything with Lua right now because of a lack of Lua tutorials and documentation. So please make the people at LY prioritize documenting Lua too, not just SC.