[Feedback] Using an animated texture for visual effects in Lumberyard

LY Art team, could you please how you use the particle system and track-view to bake the animated texture in engine ? Its the coolest trick in the video and is not described. With thanks !

I don’t get it.Can you elaborate?Are you talking about some kind of render track view to texture or what?

of course, track view can be rendered offline to external files.I think it is in the docs.

Yes, the artist in the video said he backed a particle system into the animate map

which video are you referring to @Lumberjack? Want to make sure I capture the right reference for this feedback :slight_smile: also did @Gamely’s comment help answer this topic?

It’s the 2nd trick of trade video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-9NBmPC-dc

I was wondering the same thing as @Lumberjack as well, would be great to learn how to do this.

Gotcha – thanks all! I’ve sent a note to the team about this. Will update you on this as soon as I can :slight_smile: