File Access (image) at runtime


If i would create a game where a player can select an profile picture, by picking a image on their computer. Is it possible to load that image during game runtime?

I been looking in Raw File Access in Lumberyard section and the information i got from it was:

“Loading raw source files from locations other than the asset cache. Loading source files from locations other than the asset cache is possible only for tools inside Lumberyard Editor. Only the asset cache ships with your game, so loading raw source files from locations other than the asset cache at run time is not possible.”

And about the asset cache:
“Because the asset cache can be locked by asset processing operations, attempting to write to the asset cache can cause an assertion fail. Do not attempt to write files to the asset cache”

By the description it sound like it´s not possible but it feels like it should be possible somehow…
Maybe someone with more experience can explain.

Seems like it works to access files during runtime. I may have misunderstood the documentation. But the following code will create the file test.txt both during editor and game. Reading also works.

       const AZStd::string testSaveDataNameB = "C:\\Users\\Username\\AppData\\Local\\Editor\\SaveData\\test.txt";

       AZ::IO::SystemFile systemFile;

		const bool openFileResult = systemFile.Open(testSaveDataNameB.c_str(),
			AZ::IO::SystemFile::SF_OPEN_WRITE_ONLY |
			AZ::IO::SystemFile::SF_OPEN_CREATE |
		if (!openFileResult)
			AZ_Printf("MyNewGemRequestBus", "FAIL");
			AZ_Printf("MyNewGemRequestBus", "WORK");