"File not Found" I can't open the editor

It says:

File Not Found as the Title

and the message says: "Application descriptor file not found:

I need to generate this file and commit it to source control by running: Bin64\lmbr.exe projects populate-appdescriptors -projects War_Of_Mages

I think what caused this error was that I deleted the files I created named War_Of_Mages, Right now I can’t open the editor or the configurator.

My Issue is solved. I just located the lmbr.exe inside Tools\LmbrSetup\Win . I was really confused because the error said that I can find it inside Bin64. I hope this helps other people who have issues who can’t open the editor. Just run the lmbr.exe with cmd prompt as admin.

Mark as Resolved please.

hello, I
have this problem but not solved

Hi @prakash did you try the solution that @JohnTheConqueror had previously provided?