First person camera rotation with physx

So im having a very weird issues.
I am using physx.
With my parent entity having the physx ccontroller.
The first child entity has a script canvas event for mouse delta x movement to.
The Child of that entity is a reverse facing entity with mouse delta y movement.
Then child of that entity being reverse to forward direction to have forward facing fps camera.

In the delta y movement i am limiting the camera so that it does not rotate more then the expected degrees for fps cameras.
My values are 2 min and 4 max on the x axis.

In the delta x movement its a very simple rotation of the mesh object so that everything is moving in its forward directs.
The rotation is set on its local rotation.
Was having issues with the rotate script canvas node and using physx.

Ok so now that my setup is explained heres my issue.
When my camera y angle becomes lower then 3, my camera x delta becomes very difficult to move.
Any ideas what could be wrong?

If i need to share my script canvas stuff i can.

Edit: I have enabled the console in the editor and now the cam rotation works fine.
This is a very weird issue and not sure what to say about it.

connect it to on press AND on hold not just on hold.