First Person Shooter, Weapons, Etc.


First of all I want to compliment you on Lumberyard! I think the concept is excellent and I am excited to see 1.8 and future updates.

I am interested in working on an FPS project, but I’m not having a lot of luck finding tutorials or relevant guides. I’ve looked at the Legacy Sample SDK, which seems to have all of the necessary components, but based on other posts/answers in these forums, I’m confused as to how much of the Legacy Sample approach can and should be used for a new Lumberyard game.

Where should we look for guidance on weapons, more advanced player controllers and the other elements you would expect in an FPS game, which would be considered the “correct” approach for the new Lumberyard environment?

Any help would sure be appreciated.



Hey @Splinter, thanks for the kind words, we are working really hard to make an engine that easily allows you to make awesome games. You are right, we don’t have a tutorial on the subject of creating a FPS game and with the legacy sample it is confusing. We are actively working on new systems and tutorials as we move forward on the roadmap and we should hopefully have some betting information available soon.

I know some people have posted some tips in here. I’d dig around the forums and see if there is anything useful, and as you come across specific questions, post those and either someone in the community will jump in or one of the Lumberyard members will jump in to help.

With the release of a new update there are no examples of the controller FPS. Where can they be found? Will there ever be any such documentation?

Hey @OdeCode,

We do not have an example for FPS controls at this time. It’s certainly something that has been requested for previously, but we don’t have any additional details as to when we would have an FPS example available.