First wave of new "first project" tutorials live with 1.26 -- give us feedback!

Hey Lumbernauts!

I’m the doc manager for AWS GameTech (and of course Lumberyard), and for 1.26, we published an initial set of tutorials to take you from your first installation and configuration of Lumberyard to the beginnings of a complete game.

Check 'em out here:

Note that this is NOT the complete set! We will be adding more “chapters” as the year progresses, building atop the initial set of chapters here. We have plans to add in animation, AI, audio, lighting and effects, more advanced scripting, UI with LyShine, etc. Since we’re an Agile team, we wanted to get content in your hands ASAP, especially since more and better “getting started” type material is a very common request, and get YOUR feedback to calibrate our planning and priorities.

So, once you’ve had a chance to eyeball them, let us docs folks know: What other chapters would you like to see? What’s YOUR priority? (We have a list we’re burning down after this release, and your feedback will help us put some weight on the prioritization of specific chapters – or give us some data for better choices!)

Or, if you run into issues with these topics, use this thread to let us know.

Have fun building games with Lumberyard 1.26!



Hi @DougEric_AWS
I know that 2 billion targets are for English, but steps can be taken for other non-English languages as well, The lumberyard community/lumberyard team/amazon can do it [tutorials/projects/templates like script canvas, etc] in different languages (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Kurdish, Hebrew, French, German, Portuguese and Italian e.g.) with their native language, of course if they agree :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll hafta investigate as to why we support specific regions for loc, but there should be localized versions of the Welcome Guide for a subset of languages available in the future.

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