Fixing Errors and Warnings

Hi all,

I’m new to Lumberyard and my team and I are getting started on it. But before I dive deeper into the engine I like to tackle and understand the errors I’m getting atm. I may need help or even a walkthrough on these. Any help would be appreciated. See screenshot for the start of the list.

Ok well to start I have gotten errors like this before also. One common reason is on a reimport of a .fbx file. Other than that people would need more detail on the error. You can get a lot more detail in the asset processor and click on the failed status ones. There should be a section down below that allows you to see what went wrong during import.

It should look like this below the status menu in the jobs tab.

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Thank you for the reply. I have officially gotten all of them gone except for one which is a versioning issue with StarterGame Gem, so I’m not worried about it