Flappy Chicken

Working on Flappy Chicken, and I’m going to make a series of tutorials showing how it all works.

gameplay gif

This is awesome!

Thanks. Tomorrow or friday I’ll have a new video showing how to make the pipes.

Here’s the first tutorial video: Making the character controller


This is even more awesome!

I suggest you to focus on finishing first a little project ready to ship by your own even if not polished at all , but with all the elements of a small little game and do it in Lua as flow graph will possibly get a major rework.Then make just few videos that explain things in an overall way and release them with project at max 3 discrete steps of development, toy/game prototype with box graphic, ready to ship fully functional game adding application state ui etc, first polish step with some mesh , particles , sounds.you teorically need to show the last step iteration from the beginning even as a warranty that you will take this project somewhere at least in a fully playable state that people can evaluate just from the fist frames.

You can then get more in dept on the subjects that you will get more feedback/overall interest in and work out some adjustment or new features in more spcific and detailed videos.

I say this as now people need to get their hands dirty with Lumberyard with the safe net of a little completed project to look at, learn from and base on to mock up their own ideas they don’t need to learn how to do that specific game.

There are trillions of tutorial about those kind of little games running on engines with a way lower entry barrier. Engines that are way more appropriate for people that doesn’t know how to code a game like that so taking time to explain all the game mechanics , code line by line or any pre required skill needed to just hope to do something in an engine as big as this is not so effective in this context.

the second video shows how to make those pipes move across the screen