Fleet is Active but getting Error as: server process started correctly but did not call InitSDK() , in Events

Hi, I am using Unity. My fleet is Active but I am getting the following error very frequently in Events:

Server process started correctly but did not call InitSDK() within 5 minutes, launchPath(C:\game\Server_GameLift.exe), arguments(-batchmode -nographics), instanceId(i-01defe8a8fb34b6c3)

I am calling initSDK() in Start() only, and its working fine in Gamelift Local. Multiple gamesessions are getting created when requested successfully, but with some delay (30-60 mins). This delay is due to servers not becoming active after instance starts.

So, my doubts are:

  1. Why and how to reduce that delay of getting gamesessions after instance starts?

2.How to overcome ‘did not call InitSDK()’ errors ?

3.Is there any relationship between these two errors?

Thankyou !!

Hi @Tejaswini

Is the object that the script is attached to in the Unity scene at startup? If not, it may not appear, and Start() would not be called. The script class should also be derived from MonoBehaviour.

Have you set ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback? See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4926676

Are you logging that InitSDK() is definitely getting called?

Does the application work correctly in GameLift Local (distributed with the Server SDK)?

Does it fail every time or only sometimes?

Try setting the number of concurrent processes per instance to 1, and check if this stops the error.

Let me know what you find!

Al Murray :slight_smile: Solutions Architect, Amazon Game Tech

I got to know the issue. I am opening a file to log before initSDK , so its taking time. If I dont open file, im not getting any such error.