Fleet stuck activating for over 4 hours, can't terminate

Hi there,

I’ve seen a few other posts on here about not being able to terminate fleets while they’re in the ACTIVATING status, and so figure it might be worth asking if there’s anything you can do for me to speed up the cycle.

Is there a way to reduce the timeout required for the fleet to error (and thus allow itself to be terminated)?

4+ hours is a long time to wait while sorting out initial issues with getting your server to launch successfully on the free tier.

It seems that you can’t even change their port configuration while activating, so you can’t remote desktop in or anything to check logs etc.

In this case the fleet id is fleet-d0835f21-6c66-4117-af94-8d160640dae3 if that helps (although it may have timed out by the time someone sees this).

EDIT: Actually yep that fleet has now timed out and moved to the error state. I might make a thread about the actual problem I’m having too since ideally the server could actually activate and allow me to remote desktop in.


Hi @geordie, We’ve seen the feedback and are investigating the best way to handle this scenario. Right now waiting for the timeout is the right thing to do, but we understand this is frustrating and are working to make it better.



Thanks for that @Ben

I’m still working through getting everything fully working, but will post other questions as needed I guess :slight_smile:

Can you guys allow us to lower the timeout? If my fleet doesn’t activate in 20 minutes I want it to error.

Is this still “unsolved”?

still see the issue. and what is bad - in test mode i can have only one fleet, so i cannot deleted bad fleet to continue evaluation…

@Dzmitry - Sorry that you are having problems using GameLift. I do believe the Timeout is lower now (it should be about 1 hour but its not configurable on a fleet by fleet basis at this time).

If you are seeing fleets take a long time to go to error, please provide the fleet id and region and I can get the GameLift service team to investigate.

The default fleet limit for GameLift is 20 (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/gamelift.html). If you can only provision 1 fleet then your account may have other restrictions placed upon it and you’ll need to work through AWS support to rectify those. This is typically because folks are working from brand new AWS accounts but there could be other reasons.

If you haven’t, you may want to ensure the debugging ports are open on your GameLift fleet when working with new fleets/builds. That way you can access your fleet the moment it gets an instance and debug the failures in real time (which is less frustrating than waiting 60-90mins for the fleet to ERROR and then investigating the failure).