FlexMatch: backfill a ceirtain number of players


Suppose I have a matchmaker with with a ruleset with two teams, lets say “blue” and “red” with minplayers=1 and maxplayers=8 for each team and a match starts with a small number of players, lets say a 1vs1 match. If I request a backfill it could return up to 7 extra players for each team in one shot. Is there any way to limit the number of players a backfill request can return? In this example I would like to add up to two extra players to the ongoing game instead of up to 7.



This is not an explicitly supported scenario. I can think of a couple options to try here:

  1. Have dummy players in your backfill request taking up slots. This might work, but might have some unforeseen side effects.

  2. I think it should be possible to do this with a comparison rule. Introduce a player attribute “maxTeamSize” and have all players go in with 8. When you submit a backfill request send it with updated attribute values of 6, 4, whatever you want. Then have the reference value of your comparison rule be min(flatten(teams[].players.attributes[maxTeamSize)), the measurements be [ "count(teams[].players))" ], and the operation be <=. I think something close to that should work.

I’d probably see if you can get option (2) working first. I will add the caveat that I haven’t actually tried either of these! Hope this helps.