[Flexmatch] clients cannot connect (Flexmatch tutorial)

I am trying to follow the Gomok Gamelift tutorial with flexmatch.

I almost set up and tried to run both clients.

but there was some error that key error once,

then I tried to run the clients again and there was no error but still ‘not ready’ in both clients.

I checked to dynamoDB that there are two client names ( testuser1, testuser2 )

I think Lambda works properly but I don’t know what is wrong.

I checked the gamelift queue when I ran the clients, but there was nothing in there.

Do you have any idea that I can check the step by step?!


Hi @MoonHakJin, Thanks for reaching out.

For the KeyError issue, you may want to print out the actual result to check whether there are any errors with your request. Seems like the response doesn’t contain a key called “Item”.

You can also remote into the fleet to check the log on the server side. That might be helpful for debugging as well.