Flexmatch gamelift local and testing

I know this has been asked before, the last thread I saw about asking this is back in Dec 2020,
question, is there any update if we can use Flexmatch for gamelift local?
I find it really a bad work flow that devs need to upload server build everytime during development to test and fix their servers just because one service Flexmatch do not have a local version.

An alternative is to rewrite our own matchmaking service if its running in local, but it just doubles the effort.
An alternative is not to use Flexmatch at all.

Hey Bond007, you’re right that there’s currently no integration with FlexMatch and GameLift Local. We have an open feature request for this. GLIFT-13841

Is there a specific thing you would like to test that requires FlexMatch? You can always create game sessions and player sessions manually with GameLift local to test your server