Flexmatch is filled and status is "COMPLETED" but there is no Gamesession

as described in the title, i succesfuly made a match and used DescribeMatchmakingCommand to check on the status of a ticket, after i forced a match during my test, the status is COMPLETED, but there is no gamesession created and response.TicketList[0].GameSessionConnectionInfo is undefined.

What did I do wrong and how to fix it?

I have cut a ticket for the gamelift team to look into this. Thanks!


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hi @JamesM_Aws
any update on this?

Hey @Bond007,

Sorry for the delayed response!

In order to create a GameSession, a matchmaking configuration must have an associated queue. You can update your configuration via the AWS CLI (update-matchmaking-configuration — AWS CLI 1.23.0 Command Reference) or our Console (https://console.aws.amazon.com/gamelift/home#/r/matchmaking-configurations) to add your queue.

Hope that helps!

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