FlexMatch won't match two players if they don't start matchmaking almost simultaneously

I have created two testing tickets and tried to test if I could get them matched.

The Problem

If I start matchmaking for both tickets simultaneously, they can be matched together, but if I submit one ticket first, wait 3000ms and submit another, they are both stuck in “Searching” state.

What I Found

I have tested this multiple times and the 3000ms time window seems to be stable.

Expected Behavior

I would like this time window to be much longer. Is there any setting that I’m not aware of causing this problem?

Sorry that FlexMatch is not working as you expect.

Can you share your ruleset? It could be that your use of player attributes or expansions is preventing any tickets from moving out of searching.

Are you using backfill at all or do you have player acceptance turned on?

The problem is solved! It turned out I have mysteriously set waitTimeSeconds in expansions to 5. Now if I set it to 100, it’s working as intended! Thank you for your suggestions @Pip