Focus UiCanvas TextInput element


How can I focus UiCanvas TextInput element in C++?


I can load it, get InputElement, and even set text to input. But how can I focus this element so I don’t need to mouse click it? Thanks in advance for help, or tip. Here is my code fragment:

// load canvas
static ::AZ::EntityId canvasEntity;
EBUS_EVENT_RESULT(canvasEntity, UiCanvasManagerBus, LoadCanvas, "UI/path/to/name.uicanvas");
// get input element
::AZ::Entity* inputElement = nullptr;
EBUS_EVENT_ID_RESULT(inputElement, canvasEntity, UiCanvasBus, FindElementByHierarchicalName, "root/path/to/input");
// set example text
EBUS_EVENT_ID(inputElement->GetId(), UiTextInputBus, SetText, "Hello, World!");


Also, the text is set indeed, but it does not show up until I click on input by mouse.

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    For some reason, the text not showing up is not an issue using Lua. Example code (setting script on TextInput element):

local script = {Propeteries = {}};
function script:OnActivate(x)
local input = tostring(UiCanvasRefBus.Broadcast.GetCanvas());
local inputText = UiTextInputBus.Broadcast.GetTextEntity(input);
UiTextBus.Event.SetText(inputText, "Hello, World!");
function script:OnDeactivate() end;
return script;


Once applying fix #59938 and rebuilding LyShine, I am using ugly workaround with HandleAutoActivation and ForceActiveInteractable.

	EBUS_EVENT_ID(inputElement->GetId(), UiInteractableBus, HandleAutoActivation);
EBUS_EVENT_ID(canvasEntity, UiCanvasBus, ForceActiveInteractable, inputElement->GetId(), true, [&]{
::AZ::Vector2 mousePos;
EBUS_EVENT_ID_RESULT(mousePos, canvasEntity, UiCanvasBus, GetMousePosition);
return mousePos;


public ForceActiveInteractable would be simply replaced by SetHoverInteractable and SetActiveInteractable, but they are private, so I can only call ForceActiveInteractable, but I need to GetMousePosition just to pass it back even if I am not changing m_lastMousePosition.


Adding Focus public method, that makes passed element both “active” and “interactible” on demand would be highly appreciated, until i am requesting for something that already exists. In last case, I am sorry for inconvenience.

Thanks! Glad to see that :slight_smile:

Hey @Benio – apologies for the delayed response. Thanks for compiling this post in this format :smiley:

I’ve added this to our list for further action - will update this thread as soon as I can! Also, getting assistance on the original question –

It’s been a long time since following up on this post. I’m going to check and see if SetText for TextInput is working properly now. I’ll also see if there’s a new way of focusing the input without having to mouse press.

Internal Tracking: LY-96911

Hi @Benio,

There isn’t existing functionality for this in that there isn’t an exposed bus function for this. HandleAutoActivation in UiTextInputComponent is close to this and could be extended/have a similar function written to handle this. We’ll look at this as a future addition. Thanks!

Thank you for the update, I will take a look to find the workaround of this.