Fractal Game Pre-Alpha Testing

Hi all, i very long time trying create my game, and on this moment i start testing it. If somebody want see at that, you can find videos here Fractal Game Pre-Alpha Testing


Hope it will fun :slight_smile:

The network sync with Authoritative Server. In synchronization include full physics and all three types of Character Controller: FPS, Third Person And Free Cam.

Hi BigMonet, My goal create multi world game, where player can create its self custom world, where player can play or work, anything what wish. About type of game i can’t say, i try include everything what i see in another games and my ideas created in my mind.

Test Animation System (ActorComponent + SimpleMotionComponent + Custom Character Controller) with full Network Synchronization.


This is looking interesting, I really like the voxel terrain video that you created. What will be the goal in your game? What type of game is it?

Create Voxel Terrain, Upload On Server and Add to World.

Full Internet test with GameLift. + Add new build tool + add lag compensation. Video

User Interface System only C++.

Added FBX Importer, TIF Importer, Material Editor, Mixer (In Game Asset Creator). Updated Voxel Terrain creation speed up to more than 100 times faster, fixed quality of uv unwrapping and fixed mesh normals. Video

This is really cool @Anatoliy! Can’t wait to see this project develop!

On first GIF, one player (world owner) add permissions to another player, for create voxels island.

On second GIF, editor voxels terrain, on this moment only one brush point (for testing) . After testing i will add more tools.



Thanks !!! I hope it will :slight_smile: