Frame Selected?

Hello, just opened up Lumberyard for the first time. I don’t see any mention about there being a hotkey to frame up a selected item in the viewport. Is there one?

Thank you,

For anyone wondering… I found it under Display/Go To Selection. I then went into FIle/Global Preferences/Keyboard Customization/Customize Keyboard and when the window pops up in the Category pull down I selected Display… then select Goto Selection… in the New Shortcut field… I chose Shift+F… press Assign and all should be good. I found Shift+F to have no conflicts with other hotkeys. If it did, you’d get a warning.
Hope this helps somebody.


Sigh… I just discovered that the Z key does this all ready. I guess I have to be psychic to know where this hot key exists. Found it by accident, but going through all the menus and the hotkey editor… I can’t find it anywhere.